Nick Lake – Photographer, Adventurer

Today I am taking a break from the Lessons from the Road series to share my blog space with my nephew, Nick Lake. Why? Because he is brilliant. His work takes my breath away.  Every. Single. Time.

Nick hikes, bikes, backpacks, kayaks, traverses, flies, climbs, drives, camps and treks everywhere.  He lives in the Pacific Northwest and his work from this amazing part of the United States has created a strong desire in me to see as much of it as I can in person.  In fact, his photography has drawn me in so deeply that I’ve set a goal of regaining my health and fitness so that I can join him on one of these treks.  For that I am eternally grateful.

So here’s to you, Nick. Please keep living life out loud, outrageously and outside.  And thank you for sharing the beauty of creation as you go.

I have included a couple of links below the photo where you can check out more of Nick’s work.  For now, enjoy this exquisite image Nick captured at Gothic Basin near Darrington, Washington.


Nick Lake on Instagram  – there are some GREAT new shots over on Instagram.

Nick Lake’s webpage

Nick’s shop on Etsy  – I have purchased a few of these myself!

You can also find him featured at The Outbound Collective as an explorer and in the article they did about him.   He recently appeared on the Art of Visuals Thursday Takeover where they featured the above photograph and three others:

Thanks for taking a moment to check out Nick’s work.  I want more from him and am praying and doing my part to support him as he goes.

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1 Response to Nick Lake – Photographer, Adventurer

  1. Carl Weber says:

    Nick’s work is amazing and I enjoyed his blog and adventures as well. Thank you for sharing such talent with us.


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