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Sung Heroes

It was a simple label on that bottle. Just two words. Unsung Heroes. A spark of an idea. Why do heroes go unsung? Heroes make a difference. Heroes make an impact. Yet we do not sing. Heroes reach out in our time…

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Finding My Voice

Originally posted on muddybride:
Last week I thanked a friend for “living out loud,” imperfections and all.  I want to be like her when I grow up. This week, I told some other friends I was on a journey of…

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Lessons from the Road, the Final Chapter – Traveling Forward into the Past

There is within me a “happening” each time I travel to the Philadelphia area.  It is not simply a feeling or a stirring.  It is a swirling of senses past and present:  the sounds of the El; the aroma of … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Road Part 7 – Long Days to Nowhere

I left Fort Knox around 10am with one goal in mind:  Get to Philly/South Jersey before day’s end.  I needed to traverse 712 miles of highway with no wayside chats along the road or family awaiting me at the other … Continue reading

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