I am a pastor, teacher, and poet.  More importantly, I have traveled some wonderous and difficult roads to discover who I am, who God might be and how to love better than I did yesterday.  I am filled with words and want to share some of them here.  I write because I find I must.  I write because it is the best way I know to leave a legacy.  So read a little if you would like to.  Sometimes I will write poetry.  Other times I may just ask questions.  Often there will be story, wrapped up in prayer, offering what hope has come my way.

I love good coffee, good wine and good cheese.  I love them even more when I can share them with friends, longtime friends and those I am just getting to know.  I love to fish, to be quiet, to be loud and to laugh, long and hard until I cannot breathe and tears are streaming down my face.  I like to listen…a lot.  I love rainy days.  Mostly, I love Jesus and the people He brings my way. 

Sometimes I am cranky and sometimes I experience great sadness.  That’s ok.  Life is richer because of it.

Sometimes I write controversial things.  Often I truly believe them, but once in a while its just fun to see what others might write back to me.  I like to be challenged and I like to ask hard questions.

I believe Jesus is who He said He is and that He loves. Sometimes Jesus followers don’t look like they are loved. Sometimes we look pretty angry. Jesus called the bunch of folks following Him, His “Bride.” And one day He will make us spotless, no blemishes. For now, we often still find ourselves rolling around in the mud a bit. I love her, though, this muddy bride church of Jesus followers. And I love who Jesus loves, all who bear the name human.

Read a little. Comment, if you like. Thanks for stopping by.  All are welcome here.


One Response to About

  1. janice says:

    You are lovely inside out….these words showcase you

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