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Twisted Into Beauty

It is a beautiful, 73-degree evening in Tennessee. The wind is blowing gently, sun shining clearly, birds singing sweetly and the sounds of families gathering at day’s end are floating on the air. I’ve put in a long and good … Continue reading

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Getting Back Up.

Sometimes it’s hard to write. Sometimes the words that flutter nearest the surface are not as true as what lies deep within. Sometimes the darkness seems a little stronger than the light. Even when it’s not. One of the values … Continue reading

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Birthrights and Mother”less”hood.

My stuff arrived.  About a week ago, all my worldly belongings arrived after a three-week trek across the eastern coast.  It has been in storage for a year, so opening each box has been a wee bit like Christmas morning … Continue reading

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A New Normal

Eleven months ago, I was laid off from my job of ten years. Eight months ago, I moved out of the home I loved. Right after that, I entered a Wellness program for five weeks, living in the home of … Continue reading

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I hold my breath when I am in pain. Several years ago, I fell while x-country skiing and tore my ACL. All the way to the hospital, my friend had to continuously remind me to breathe. “Breathe, Robin. Breathe.” A few years … Continue reading

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Breaking the Silence – A Tribute to BLB

I have been silent for weeks now. No words written. Thousands of thoughts and feelings and words rolling through my soul, but most haven’t made it to the outside of me. Yet. Maybe I don’t want to commit them to … Continue reading

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W15Win (week 15 weigh in)

Down 4 more pounds for a total of 39 since May 23; 45 total.  So grateful for the amazing cheering section I have in this journey; people who will walk my pace, who pray for me and who are making … Continue reading

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