Word Pictures

I am going to start posting some of my photography combined with some of my writing.  I find I am enjoying this process eversomuch, combining two forms of expression that bring me joy.  Maybe there will be one that you can connect with.



He Loves Me

Recently I took a picture of my friend Elisa’s daisy she had growing on her lovely back porch.  Another dear friend, Heidi, took the picture and added words to it.  Both of these women are extremely creative and know how to live life out loud.  Heidi’s description of the picture when she posted it on Facebook was as follows:  ” I felt so stirred to add some words to it, so I did. I love thinking about how God loves us. It isn’t a guessing or wondering game, it isn’t by chance, he just DOES!”  Boom.

He loves me

The terrifying road to glory.


 Throw grace down hard….


 Taking the risk…


Speak my name…


Be Still

Be still

The Door.



oh heart oh soul


Wind Breathe



Annihilate our fear.


Along the Road.


Dance in the rain.




7 Responses to Word Pictures

  1. Carl Weber says:

    Love these word pictures. Just realized you added these. Keep sharing your art!


  2. janice says:

    This is fantastic…great work robin

  3. Hisdaughter46 says:

    I get lost in your pictures, in your words. Keep seeing, keep speaking. You help me express and feel what is in my heart, but can’t find the words.

  4. Cheryl Lake says:

    This is wonderful…..thanks so much for sharing….I really liked the daisy one, it is helpful to remember His love as we go through trials and the fact that He always love us…..there is no loves me not…..

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